Feeding Your Puppy – What You Need To Know

Puppy food is meant to suffice the nutritional requirements of young and growing dogs. Puppies tend to develop rapidly in their muscles, bones, joints, internal organs, immune system etc. All these development needs have to be met with proper nutrition.

A well-balanced diet for a puppy should contain those nutrients that young dogs needs, nutrients that aren’t necessary once the puppy has grown into a mature dog and aren’t usually added to adult dog foods.

For instance, in order to build a strong body, a puppy diet needs to contain around 30% protein and the minerals plus vitamins needed for a young dog to be healthy. Puppy food ideally needs to contain high-fat content for energy, something that’s not recommended for mature dogs. If you pup has some type of health concern, then consider reviewing some of the best CBD dog treats to start them on.

So, What’s the Best Puppy Food?

Dog food is primarily divided into three categories: dry kibble, moist and semi-moist food. Among the three, the dry type is the most ideal for puppies as it contains more protein. It’s also more cost-effective, practical, easy to digest and better for keeping the teeth clean. Moist puppy food is ideally easy to digest, but costs more and tends to spoil fast if not properly stored. Also, moist dog food contains over 75% water, which translates to fewer nutrients. Another concern with this type of food is its effect on puppy teeth.

The best option is to feed your young dog a combination of moist dog food with dry kibble. You can either mix them together or switch between the two from meal to meal.

Semi-moist food is a good option as well as it’s practical to use and easy to digest. It doesn’t require refrigeration and has measured packaging. The biggest con is that it’s also quite expensive and doesn’t have any dental benefits. It is also known to lead to hyperactivity and obesity in some dogs due to the high amount of sugar, salt, and preservatives.

The Best Time to Feed a Puppy

Depending on the size, age and breed of your little pet, it’s advisable to feed him or her four meals per day up to 4 months of age. You can then reduce to 3 meals up until 6 months and 2 meals until the puppy grows into an adult. For some pet owners, this may not be possible, but ensure you feed it at least 2 meals per day. Adult dogs should also be fed 2 meals a day. Here’s a good link for this.

Taking Care of Pets Options

There are a lot of options for us on how to take care of our beloved pets. You may also consult a resident veterinarian for some advice and guide on how we can properly take care the needs of our pets at home.

It is important that we are knowledgeable on their proper food, health and other important factors that may affect greatly in our pet’s daily routine or necessities.

Regular walk and exercise is also needed for our fur friends and buddy. A healthy food with a good water is very much important and if you can provide vitamins then it is great as well.