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Eat Your Vegetables

Village Realty Blog - Thu, 06/04/2009 - 09:08
FONT size=2BRInbsp;recently signed up for local vegetable delivery from Weeping Radish straight to Village Realty's Nags Head office. BRBRThe "Farmer to Fork" idea is trying to get fresh local produce from the farmer right to consumer, an idea which I absolutely love. I received my first box yesterday full of summer goodness cucumbers, squash, arugula, turnips, daikon radishes, leaf broccoli, yukina savoy and zucchini. I had some other veggies in my fridge so I decided to make a salad to go with the steaks. The arugula was peppery and delicious, cucumber and squash were nice and crisp. I have to say so far I am extremely pleased and can't wait to see what next week's delivery brings! BRBRTwo of the brokers in the office also get deliveries and they too have been very happy with the products.nbsp;nbsp; The cost is surprisingly low for what you get.nbsp; So now there is no excuse to not eat your veggies!nbsp; BRBRThe Weeping Radish is located in Currituck and also sells hormone free beef and free range pork as well as beer.nbsp; This is a fun day trip while you are here or you could stop by on your way to the beach. There is a restaurant there too and of course they have German food which is quite good.nbsp; BRBROn Wednesdays you can take a hay ride through the organic farm, brewery and the butchery. Reservations are recommended.nbsp; More information A href="http://www.weepingradish.com/index.htm"HereBRBR/AUntil Next TimeBRYour OBX BloggersBRJCM and JMBRBRA href="http://www.weepingradish.com/grill_box_orders.htm"Visit the website BRBRIMG src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/weeping_radishvegetagbles.JPG" border=0BRBRPricesBRBR/ABR/FONT
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Enjoy a Wine and Jazz Fest Sunday May 31, 2009

Village Realty Blog - Fri, 05/29/2009 - 12:16
PFONT size=2How aboutnbsp;spending your upcomingnbsp;Sunday like this? ...BR/FONT/P UL LIEMFONT size=2STRONGListening to Live Jazz/STRONG music all afternoon/FONT/EM LIEMFONT size=2STRONGSampling Wines /STRONGfrom Currituck vineyards/FONT/EM LIEMFONT size=2STRONGEnjoying an Art Shownbsp;/STRONGof finenbsp;art from local Currituck artists/FONT/EM LIEMFONT size=2STRONGSampling dishes/STRONG from local restaurants/FONT/EM/LI/UL PFONT size=2BRWhat:nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;/FONTFONT size=2STRONGThe Currituck Wine amp; Jazz Festivalnbsp;BR/STRONGnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;presented bynbsp;A href="http://www.sanctuaryvineyards.com/" target=_blankSanctuary Vineyards/ABRnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; sponsored by the Currituck County Arts CouncilBRBRWhen:nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;STRONGSunday May 31, 2009/STRONG ~ Noon to 7:00pmBRBRWhere:nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;STRONGThe Cotton Gin, North Lawn/STRONG ~nbsp;Jarvisburg, NCBREMnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;/EMFONT size=1EM(rain date:nbsp; June 7,nbsp;2009 Same Time, Same Place)BRBR/EMFONT size=2Tickets:nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;STRONG$15 in Advance/STRONG - available at all Cotton Gin locations amp;nbsp;online A href="http://www.sanctuaryvineyards.com/" target=_blankFONT size=2here/FONTEMBR/EM/Anbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;STRONG$20 at the Gatenbsp;/STRONG- EM$5 of every ticket benefits the Currituck Arts Councilnbsp;/EM/FONTBRBRFONT size=2BRGet Out There this Sunday ...nbsp;Enjoy this Greatnbsp;Event ... And Support OBX's Local Arts! BR/FONT/FONT/FONT/P
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Free Event in June on the Outer Banks.

Village Realty Blog - Thu, 05/28/2009 - 14:49
BRFree and Fun... works for me. On June 27, a Saturday, from 5-8 pm The Promenade in Kitty Hawk is hostingnbsp;a reunion of the old "Circus Tent".nbsp; Many long time residents and visitors will remember this family sponsored event that was held every summer. BRBRThe New Hermeneutics will be performing and there will also be a puppet show for all ages. Admission is free, however donations are accepted and will benefit the OBX Interfaith Community Outreach.nbsp;nbsp; BRBRRefreshments will be available including ice cream, treats and hot dogs.nbsp; So bring your beach blankets or bring your chairs and bring the family.nbsp;nbsp; If you want more information please visit A href="http://www.kittyhawkumc.org"www.kittyhawkumc.org/A or call 252-261-2062.nbsp; BRBRIMG style="WIDTH: 767px; HEIGHT: 946px" height=1049 src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/CIRCUS_TENT_FLYER_copy.png" width=825BRBR
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Tortuga's Lie and OBX Volleyball

Village Realty Blog - Tue, 05/26/2009 - 10:32
The last few years, my summer has revolved around me playing a lot of volleyball. This summer is starting off the same, Monday night is traditionally the night we play 4 on 4 grass volleyball, and Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s are usually good nights to find a crowd behind Tortuga’s Lie Restaurant (on the beach road in Nags Head) playing 2 on 2 beach volleyball. BRBRThis week, and often through out the summer, we’ll get some out of town players who will play volleyball any night the weather is good. This week we have a group who came down with his volleyball team that he competed with in Nationals. As soon as we heard these guys were in town, we had players flock to the courts to play on Saturday and Sunday as well. I’m not sure when I am going to get some rest this week, maybe by Friday everyone else will be worn out as well.BRBRUnfortunately with the caliber of players in town this week, I have played with several different partners, and worked pretty darn hard scrambling and diving for balls, but I haven’t scored a victory yet over these last few days. One of the partners I played with represented North Carolina in the Ms. Fitness contest in Las Vegas last fall, I might have been a little distracted during that game, but seriously, the rest of the games I worked really hard to win. BRBRIf you know any good volleyball players or want to make an event out of dinner, come to Tortugas during the middle of the week. You can grab a cocktail and come out back to one of the picnic tables, enjoy the Outer Banks weather, watch some volleyball, and when you get bored or hunger, go inside for some great Outer Banks food.nbsp; BRBRA href="http://www.tortugaslie.com/menus.htm"Click Here /Afor the menu. I recommend the white pizza, the coco loco chicken, baja fish tacos, any special of the day ... actually anything on the menu.nbsp; It is all excellent. Locally owned, which matters. Locals eat here, which matters too. That means it is really good!BRBRUntil Next TimeBRYour OBX BloggerBRGuest Blogger BK (and some added comments by JM)A href="http://www.tortugaslie.com/menus.htm"BRBRBR/ABRBRIMG src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/VolleyballMay2009.jpg"
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Things You May Not Know but Might Need on Vacation

Village Realty Blog - Fri, 05/22/2009 - 10:44
PBRBRIMG style="WIDTH: 538px; HEIGHT: 273px" height=356 src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/oneboyalonecabanablog.JPG" width=597BRPhoto by Kirsten Lewis A href="http://www.innatephoto.com"www.innatephoto.com/A BRBRFONT face=Verdana size=3You picked out the perfect home/FONT ... you packed everything you could think of...you have directions and you are ready for you week at the beach. Great ... BRBRWhile you are here you will surely realize that you forgot something, need something, want something or need a special service. BRBRIf you are going to be spending all those days at the beach, think about sunscreen, please.nbsp; If you have little ones, sunscreen may not be enough. Consider renting a Cabana ... that way you can let the kids play in the sand without the sun right on them. BRBRSTRONGFONT size=+0A href="http://emptyset.heritagewebdesign.com/~beac7777/cart/index.php"STRONGShady Beach Company/STRONG /A/FONT/STRONGoffers free delivery, set up and take down daily.nbsp; Their phone number is 252-305-1147.nbsp; This sounds like a good idea to me since I get sunburned after about 20 minutes.nbsp;nbsp; BRBRYou're hear having a wonderful time and one of the kids wakes up with an earache...or your allergies act up. You hate the thought of spending hours at the doctors office, once you find out where that is.nbsp;nbsp; Call Rikki Shuster at STRONGMedical House Calls /STRONGinstead. Rikki is a certified physician assistant with over 14 years of experience. She can treat non emergency conditions while you are on vacation. Rikki can be reached at 252-475-2007 or by visiting the website at A href="http://www.obxmedicalhousecalls.com"www.obxmedicalhousecalls.com/A BRBRMaybe you are looking for a perfect bottle of wine or a selection of beers for a celebration while here... problem solved. We have several excellent wine and beer shops here offering great selections and excellent customer service. BRBRA href="http://www.chipswinemarket.com/"Chip's Wine and Beer Market /Ais located in Kill Devil Hills. I shop here and have never been disappointed. BRBRIt is always a good idea to ask your rental company for restauant recommendations--make sure you tell them if kids are coming along or if you are looking for a specific type of food.nbsp;nbsp; We have everything from Mexican to sushi, great seafood, steaks and several places that serve Pacific Rim, island type fare. BRBRWant to catch a ball game while on the OBX?nbsp; we do have a team here called the DareDevils. You can see the schedule at A href="http://www.obxdaredevils.com"www.obxdaredevils.com/A.nbsp; The league is comprised of many of America's best college players ... getting ready for the big leagues. BRBRThis next topic is serious...STRONGdon't drink and drive/STRONG. The average DWI can end up costing you over $10,000 and that does not even take into consideration the inconvenience, embarrassment and points on your driving record. Please, don't do it. Call a cab instead. For less than $50 you can get most places here.nbsp; Even if younbsp; have to leave your car somewhere, you can always go back the next day and get it.nbsp;nbsp; BRBeach Cabnbsp; 252-441-2500BRBayside Cab 252-480-1300BRCoastal Cab 252-449-8787BRBRWe all want you to have a great week, stay safe and come back to the Outer Banks.BRBRUntil Next TimeBRYour OBX BloggerBRJMBRBRBRBRBR/P
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Memorial Day ... It Begins Again

Village Realty Blog - Wed, 05/20/2009 - 15:41
Memorial Day 2009 is almost here and that means ... Ta Da... the start of the "season" on the Outer Banks.nbsp;nbsp;The merchants are excited, the grocery stores are stocking up and we--the rental companies--are getting ready for guests.nbsp;nbsp; We are all going to do the "no rain" dance starting Friday. BRBRWith things the way they have been over the last few months for the economy, I think I can truthfully say that this year everyone is glad the season is here. We are going to be happy to welcome people back to our beaches.nbsp;nbsp; BRBRVillage Realty always starts off the season with a Memorial Day Party at the Village Beach Club in Nags Head. Good food, good music, great company and great times.nbsp;nbsp; We invite our home owners and any guests who happen to be here that day to join us.nbsp;High Cotton BBQ in Kitty Hawk will be catering and they always do a great job. BRBRSo if you are here and are a VR guest or owner, we hope to see you on Saturday. BRBRSunday is the 11th Annual Outer Banks Beach Music Festival.nbsp;nbsp; This will be held at the Outdoor Pavillion at Roanoke Island Festival Park in Manteo. Time: 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.nbsp; Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the gate.nbsp; For more information you can call 252-384-3494.nbsp; Tickets will also be available at ALL Outer Banks Brew-Thru Locations. A href="http://www.OuterBanksBeachMusicFestival.com"www.OuterBanksBeachMusicFestival.com/A.nbsp;nbsp;BRBRBring a great attitude, sunscreen, a lawn chair and cash!nbsp; Enjoy.BRBRUntil Next TimeBRYour OBX BloggerBRBR
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Finally Friday and Outer Banks Events

Village Realty Blog - Fri, 05/15/2009 - 08:01
PIt is finally Friday. I always feel guilty when I say that because for many of my fellow Outer Bankers, Saturdays and Sundays are work days. I served my time working weekends too ... it is only within the last four years or so that I have weekends off.nbsp;nbsp;BRnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; BRIt has truly been a crazy busy work week... looking forward to the next two days!BRIMG src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/2girlsonbeachjumpingblog.JPG"nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; IMG style="WIDTH: 233px; HEIGHT: 351px" height=393 src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/cartwheelboysmaller.JPG" width=270BREMKirsten Lewis PhotosBR/EMBRBRThere is a lot going on this weekend and I have listed some events below:BRBRBU37th Annual Hang Gliding Spectacular/UA href="http://www.ncbeaches.com/OuterBanks/NagsHead/CalendarOfEvents/cDetails-1555/"BR/A/BFriday, May 15, 2009 - Monday, May 18, 2009BRJockey's Ridge State Park (Milepost 12.5): This is the world's oldest, continuous Hang gliding competition. Hang gliding professionals from all over the world come to the Outer Banks to compete and have fun on Jockey's Ridge State Park. Demonstrations, street dances and awards ceremonies are all features of this spectacular event. Families can enjoy a rock climbing wall, hang gliding simulator, kite making, face painting and a visit by Wil-Bear Wright. A portion of the events proceeds will go to benefit Friends of Jockeys Ridge, a non-profit organization which supports the development of Jockey's Ridge State Park. A href="http://www.kittyhawk.com"www.kittyhawk.com/A/P PBUMarch of Dimes: Walk America/U/BBRSaturday, May 16, 2009 (8am)BROutdoor Pavilion at Roanoke Island Festival Park: The March of Dimes sponsors this event which begins with registration at 8:00 a.m. The five-mile walk takes participants through historic Manteo. Picnic follows./P PSPANBUThe Coastal Gardening Festival/U/BBR/SPANSaturday, May 16, 2009 (10am)BROuter Banks Arboretum and Teaching Gardens (Mustian Street): Features vendors, demonstrations, plant sales, children's activities, food and much more! This festival is sponsored by and to benefit Dare County Extension Master Gardeners. (252) 473-4290.BRBRSTRONGU2009 Relay for LifeBR/U/STRONGSaturday, May 16 at the First Flight High School in Kill Devil Hills.nbsp; The Relay opens at noon. There will be many booths set up, things for kids to do, live music and more.nbsp; A href="#"More Information/ABRBRSTRONGFONT color=#222222Mollie Fearing Memorial Art Show/FONT/STRONGBRArt Gallery, Roanoke Island Festival Park. Work ranges from paintings and pottery to sculpture, photography and fiber work. (252) 475-1500 or A href="http://www.roanoakeisland.com"www.roanoakeisland.com/ABRBRSTRONGFONT color=#222222Play Against the Best - Beat the Gearworks StaffBR/FONT/STRONGSaturday, May 16BRFree laser tag pass if your team outscores the Gearworks staff. 5 p.m. - 11 p.m. For more information about Gearworks Laser Tag amp; Fun Center visit A href="http://www.obxgearworks.com"www.obxgearworks.com/A BRBRAnd of course you can always enjoy the FREE and beautiful Outer Banks beaches.nbsp; BRWhatever you are doing this Saturday and Sunday, enjoy. BRUntil Next Time,BRYour OBX BloggersA href="http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?pg=entryamp;fr_id=12896"BR/AFONT size=+0ABR/A/FONTBRBR/P
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Short and Cute

Village Realty Blog - Wed, 05/13/2009 - 09:34
EMBED src=http://www.youtube.com/v/NcIlzCCz7koamp;hl=enamp;fs=1amp;color1=0xe1600famp;color2=0xfebd01amp;border=1 width=500 height=405 type=application/x-shockwave-flash allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"BRBRBR/EMBEDWe shot this video on a beautiful Saturday morning in Nags Head. The kids had fun and we got some great photos to use on our websites. BRBRUntil Next Time,BRBRYour OBX Bloggers
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Say It Forward...a visit to CandyLand

Village Realty Blog - Tue, 05/12/2009 - 13:41
BRIMG src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/candyab1.jpg"BRBROne of my favorite blogs to write is when I can brag about my co-workers.nbsp; I truly work with a group of fun, smart, loyal, talented and caring people. BRBRHave you ever met someone who you justnbsp; knew you wanted to be friends with? Someone who is always fun to be with no matter where you are or what you are doing?nbsp; Well, when I think of someone like that I think of Candy Basnight in our Nags Head office.BRBRShe is in a word ..."adorable" and funny as heck.nbsp;nbsp; Candy is Wanchese born and bred and that means several things:BRBR UL LIshe can take of herself LIshe can do almost anything LIshe is not afraid of hard work LIshe is very down to earth LIdon't mess with her or her family LIyou can count on having a good time if she is in the room/LI/ULUntil recently Candy was the receptionist in the Nags Head office and handled 90% of the phone calls coming in to the office plus had other duties as well.nbsp;nbsp; Now she is taking reservations and I am sure the person on the other end of the phone hangs up with anbsp; smile on their face.nbsp;nbsp; BRBRCandy is also one of those people in our office, actually the company, who can find it for you, get it for you or fix it for you. And if she can't she will find someone who can.BRBRIf she didn't have a great mom already I think I would adopt her...BRBRUntil Next TimeBRYour OBX BloggerBRJMBRBRBRBR
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Village Realty Blog - Wed, 05/06/2009 - 11:42
PIMG src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/chicamacomico2.jpg"BRBRCHICAMACOMICO LIFE-SAVING STATION HISTORIC SITE amp; MUSEUM COMPLEXBRBR2009 PROGRAM SCHEDULE BRBRPorch Programs: all programs are June, July amp; August at 2:00pm (1400 hours) at 1911 Station, except Beach Apparatus Drill which starts at the 1874 Station. All programs last about one hour. All are free with regular paid admission for self-guided tour of 7 acre, 8 building site. BRBRMonday – Live from the Set of Nights in Rodanthe. Chicamacomico’s Site Operations Manager, Linda Molloy, had a role in this Warner Brothers movie opposite Richard Gere. Come hear her exciting story and ask her to autograph the book and DVD available in the Gift Shop. A most unique vacation souvenir.BRBRTuesday – America’s Forgotten Heroes: Amazing True Local Wreck amp; Rescue Stories. Site Manager James Charlet gives a brief overview of the United States Life-Saving Service, predecessor to today’s Coast Guard, and highlights some of the unique and special things about the Chicamacomico site. Then he narrates in detail three dramatic and daring rescues that happened right here, culminating with the nearly unbelievable Mirlo rescue of 1918.BRBRWednesday – The REAL Taffy of Taffy of Torpedo Junction. Taffy of Torpedo Junction was a fictional work first published by the Universityof North Carolina Press in 1957 and recently re-released. It tells the dramatic story of a 12 year old girl living on Hatteras Island and is set during World War Two. It was written by Nell Wise Wechter who previously had been a teacher at the only school on Hatteras Island. One of Mrs. Wechter students was the then 12 year old Carol Dillon. The Taffy character was based on her. Ms. Dillon is alive and well as the owner and operator of the Outer Banks Motel in Buxton, where the lighthouse is. As is often the case, the truth is better than the fiction. Come hear Carol tell about this incredible and little-known period in our history . And yes, the book is available for purchase and autographing.BRBRThursday – The Beach Apparatus Drill. This popular re-enactment of the historic Breeches Buoy rescue is only performed in two places in the entire country; and Chicamacomico is proud that ours is the only one performed by active-duty U.S. Coast Guard personnel! A unique and interesting demonstation.BRBRFriday – What REALLY Happened to the Lost Colony? Once you know the basic true facts, it is no mystery at all! Scott Dawson will mesmerize you with his vast knowledge and stacato style. He is the author of a book on the subject and lectures widely. And why this topic at a life-saving station? Because in their day they were the social, cultural and educational centers of their villages. This is precisely the kind of topic a visitor would hear there.BRBRANNUAL EVENT: American Heroes Day, Thurday, August 6, 2009 from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Come see and talk to the real heroes of today. See the personnel, equipment and vehicles of area Coast Guard, law enforcement, fire fighters, water rescue, EMS, and much, much more. Static displays throughout the day and scheduled demstrations include Coast Guard Honor Guard and Color Guard, Coast Guard Search amp; Rescue helo and motor lifeboat demonstraion, military flyover, jet ski ocean rescue demo, Beach Apparatus Drill. $5 per person, Parking across the street and along the highway. Schedule will appear on A href="http://www.chicamacomico.net/" target=_BLANKFONT color=#396892www.chicamacomico.net/FONT/A BR/P
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Pat Murphy

Village Realty Blog - Tue, 05/05/2009 - 12:28
Roanoke Island, NC - Patrick Murphy, dive safety officer for the North Carolina Aquariums on Roanoke Island (NCARI) will receive a U.S. Department of Interior Partners in Conservation Award for his efforts on behalf of the Battle of the Atlantic Expedition in the summer of 2008.BRBRDavid Alberg, sanctuary superintendent Monitor National Marine Sanctuary and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently contacted Murphy about receiving the award in Washington, D.C. Alberg said, “Your efforts have proven to be a constant in our partnership and conservation of the Monitor Marine Sanctuary.” “This award underscores not just the importance of preserving our Nation’s cultural heritage, but the role we all play in assuring those resources are managed properly for future generations. The participation by the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island in helping educate the public about the value of maritime heritage resources was instrumental to the long-term success of the project. “Congratulations Pat!”BRBRThe awards ceremony will be held at the Sidney R. Yates Auditorium, Main Interior Building in Washington, D.C., on Thursday May 7 at 10:00 a.m., with a reception to follow. The Secretary of the Department of the Interior will present the awards.BRBRAs a long time volunteer at the aquarium, I have seen first hand the dedication, experience and knowledge Pat Murphy has brought to the Outer Banks. His passion for diving along with the knowledge he continually shares with the dive staff and volunteers. This award is a big time honor and he deserves all the credit. We are lucky to have such a dedicated individual on staff at our aquarium.BRBRFrom Guest Blogger Bill KoebernickBR
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Say It Forward

Village Realty Blog - Tue, 05/05/2009 - 12:18
Every few months I like to add to my "Say It Forward" posts and give props to people who make my job easier and who I can always count on. It is based on that movie Pay It Forward...you know, the tear-jerker where the little boy gets killed and then everyone starts doing random acts of kindness? BRBRAnyway, there is never a shortage of people I could write about and that is always, as Martha says, "A Good Thing" and today I want to talk about Karen Gregory in our Corolla office. BRBRKaren is one of those all around good workers who not only completes anything you ask her to do but also looks for more projects to take on herself. I know that her manager and her co-workers really count on her and also respect her. BRBRThe Corolla office is smaller and one result of this is that they are a tight knit group and really depend on each other. We are separated by geography but that does not mean we are not all working for the same goal. BRBRKaren is an avid supporter of the Corolla Wild Horses and a volunteer for the organization that monitors the turtle hatchings (I know there is a name for it-can't think of it). BRBRSo Karen, in case I have not told you lately....THANK YOU! You take great photos for us all the time and you also are my Proofer, because I am not good at that. I hope you know that you are appreciated. BRBRSo next time someone does something nice for you or goes out of their way --remember to let them know that you appreciate them. It is always nice to get a thanks from a co-worker.BRBRSay a kind word to the check out person at the grocery store or KMart and watch their reaction ...You might make their day and in the process, your own.BRBRUntil Next TimeBRYour OBX Blogger
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I 3 Village Realty (a biased view)

Village Realty Blog - Thu, 04/30/2009 - 10:52
In August of 2003, I did what any recent college graduate who had seen the movie Office Space would do......I moved to the beach.nbsp; I had no idea what I was going to do, I didnt know anyone and my graduation funds were quickly being spent.nbsp; Then, I got lucky....an immediate opening as a Vacation Specialist had just become available with Village Realty.nbsp; I sent in my application and got a call for an interview the next day.nbsp; So, I put on my best business attire...shiny shoes, black socks, dress pants, oxford shirt and a tie.nbsp; The irony was that I would never wear something like that to work again for the next 5.5 years (as I type this I am wearing shorts and sandals).nbsp; Thus, my journey at Village Realty began...BRBRSo many things have happened over the past 5 and a half years that have been directly related to me being an employee of Village Realty.nbsp; Let me put them in list form for you:BRBRnbsp;--I started a photography business on the side - I had never done photography until I was put in charge of rental house photos and found that I loved it.BR--I met my wife when she was hired to replace me when I left briefly to pursue photography full timeBR--I was given the opportunity to come back after I realized I could not do photography full timeBR--I got to go up and take photos in an ultralight for free (an ultralight is basically a go kart with a propeller and a hang glider attached)BR--I bought a housenbsp; with the help of a friend/agent of Village RealtyBR--Every aspect of my wedding was virtually related to Village Realty....location, DJ, honeymoonBR--All of my friends are employees or spouses of employees of Village RealtyBR--I know more about women than I have ever wanted to know (I am one of three men that were pretty much full time in the office and I shared an office with 3 women)BRBRBRSo, why am I tell you all of this?nbsp; Well, I have accepted another job and today is my last day with Village.nbsp; I have never worked with a better group of people than the group here at Village....and I can say that literally because I have never had a job with another company while living here at the beach.nbsp; The support and friendship that I have gained will be with me forever and I know that I will continue to stay in touch.nbsp;nbsp;BRBRIt goes without saying that Village Realtynbsp;has great people working for them and that translates into great business and great customer service.nbsp;nbsp;Am I being biased??nbsp; Ofnbsp;course I am, but for good reason.nbsp; I will miss everything about the company.nbsp; nbsp;BRBR
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Remember When Game

Village Realty Blog - Wed, 04/29/2009 - 13:49
Today's post is about places that used to be something else here on the Outer Banks.BRBRThe Beach Road Grille on the beach road in Nags Head used to be:BRMulligans and before that it was Miller's Drugstore. Miller's had a small fountain where you could get the best home-made limeade and lemonade, chicken salad sandwiches and bbq. The store was very small but very popular--they filled lots of perscriptions and would even deliver. BRBRThe Croatan Surf Club Condos in Kill Devil Hills--right on the oceanfront...this location was home to:BRQuagmire's Restaurant--great food and a local favoriteBRPapagayos Mexican Restaurant wonderful place BRand before that it was The Croatan Inn --with a seafood restaurant and several rooms for rentBRBRKelly's Restaurant used to be J Fleming Munde'sBRBRRed Drum Restaurant used to be Prime Only and before that it was the location of Your Office by the SeaBRBREvan's Crabhouse was in the location that is now a used book storeBRBRTortuga's Lie Restaurant used to be Gandolf's CafeBRBRLucky 12 was formerly Don Gatos Mexican Restaurant and before that was Bell's SupermarketBRBRSugar Shack Restaurant on the causeway was home to RV's RestaurantBRBRFlying Fish Restaurant was formerly a Milton's Pizza!BRBRChili Peppers Restaurant used to be Newby's Sub ShopBRBRLa Fogata was formerly a Pizza Buffet restaurantBRBRApplebees' in Nags Head used to be La FogataBRBRThe miniature golf course on Jockey's Ridge--now covered up by sandBRBRLone Cedar Cafe used to be Daniel's RestaurantBRBRPrime Only Restaurant in Nags Head was The Plantation InnBRBRWhere Charter TV is now formerly was a dress shop called the The Colony HouseBRBRThere used to be a really big surf slide park on the by pass in Nags HeadBRBRBirthday Suits swim suit shop used to be a gift shop called The Red BarnBRBRDoes anyone remember The Galleon Esplanade shops near MP 12 in Nags Head? All those shops are gone now... there was also a car museum there which before that was an upscale gift and furniture store. That building is now called His Dream Center and is a churchBRBRJK's used to be Chardo's Italian Restaurant and before that it was Captain Dave'sBRBRGoombays was The Whaling StationBRBRTrying to think of more places ...BRBRDirty Dick's Crab House was until very recentlt Slammin' Sammys and before that it was SweetwatersBRBRThe CVS store as you enter Manteo was a gardening shop--I think it was Caymen GardensBRBRMore laterBRUntil ThenBRYour OBX Blogger
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Surf's Almost Up ... Time to Save the Babies!

Village Realty Blog - Tue, 04/28/2009 - 10:40
P dir=ltr style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px"BRBRMurray Ross is a well known and well respected surfboard shaper, designer and surfer here on the Outer Banks.nbsp; His boards are sought after by many professional and amatuer surfers alike.nbsp; He has graciously donated one of his beautiful surfboards to us so we can raffle it off to benefit the March of Dimes.BRBRThe idea was his daughters ... who just happens to work at Village Realty!nbsp;nbsp; We got the surfboard this week and have it on display in our Nags Head office.nbsp; The board will also be on display in our Corolla office sometime over the summer. BRBRTickets are $1.00 each. The drawing will be held after Labor Day. You do not have to be present to win but you will have to come back to pick up the surfboard (kind of a win-win).nbsp; BRBRThe name of the Murray's shop is "Murray Ross Custom Shapes and GaleForce Glassing" and the showroom and warehouse is located in Ocean Commerce Park in KDH (that is Kill Devil Hills in local speak).nbsp; BRBRSTRONGEMFONT size=3A picture says a thousand words ... so here you go, and thanks again Murray!BRBR/FONT/EM/STRONGIMG style="WIDTH: 383px; HEIGHT: 261px" height=309 src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/murrayrossblog.jpg" width=421nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;BRnbsp;nbsp; BRBRBRSTRONGFONT size=3Here is the beautiful surfboardBR/FONT/STRONGBRBRIMG src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/Surfboardblogpic.JPG"IMG src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/Rosslogo.JPG"IMG style="WIDTH: 180px; HEIGHT: 50px" height=77 src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/GALE_FORCE_LOGO_06.jpg" width=221BRBRBRUntil Next TimeBRYour OBX BloggersBR/P
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The "Perfect" Vacation Home ... Is there such a thing?

Village Realty Blog - Fri, 04/24/2009 - 09:10
FONT size=4/FONTBRBRA href="http://www.villagerealtyobx.com"IMG src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/ultralight.jpg" border=0/ABRBRFONT size=4nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Searching all over for that "perfect beach house"?nbsp; BR/FONTBRPoring over brochures, looking at various websites and perusing the Outer Banks Message Boards for advice and information?nbsp; You are not alone, that is what thousands of people do each year in the quest for the Outer Banks vacation rental that they feel will be right for their family. BRBRWe will give you our perspective on how to find the best home for your group.nbsp; All of our vacation specialists answer calls and emails all day, every day from folks just like you.nbsp; We make notes when we visit a home and a community... we evaluate each home annually and rate it (we arenbsp; happy to share that rating with you when you call) and we pass on our suggestions to the owners about what they need to do for the following season. BRBR UL LIPick your week.nbsp; If there is only one week you can come,nbsp; determine whether you need (or will consider) a Saturday or Sunday check in day. Some homes do allow Friday check ins...something to think about if you want an entire weekend to recover from your vacation. /LI LIIf you have some flexibility with when you can come on vacation, do your homework on the website first. Enter your criteria but do not enter a date,nbsp;pick your favorite homes and then check availability/LI LIWhat kind of vacation do you want to have ... lots of activities? Fishing every day? Golfing...or do you just want to kick back and relax at the house?nbsp; All important things to think about. If you want peace and quiet ...consider South Nags Head. You will feel like you are away from it all but are actually a few minutes away from stores and attractions.nbsp; Want to have lots to do, places to go, things to see? Corolla Light, The Village at Nags Head and The Currituck Club are excellent choices. /LI LINightlife...yes or no? If you want to take in some music, dance or just sit at the bar and mix with the locals then Kill Devil Hills or Nags Head are the better choices.nbsp;nbsp;/LI LIIf you are a repeat guest to a particular company, call or email them and let them know that. They can pull up your history and get an idea of what you are looking for. Repeat guests are very valuable to the rental company/LI LISign up on the websites to receive emails and notices of special offers/LI LIDetermine who is coming on vacation. Make sure there is a bed for each person ....not a sleeping bag on the floor or kids sleeping on the couches.nbsp; Most homes havenbsp; septic tank and if you start overloading the home you can have serious problems/LI LIDetermine what amenities you are looking for--those you have to have (ex: hot tub or pet friendly) vs. those you would like but are not a necessity (ex: Internet or private pool)/LI LIDecide on a price range, the bottom line. Keep in mind that some companies (us included) post the inclusive price on their website. The figure you see could include everything but the taxes (no way to avoid paying them) and the optional trip insurance so there are no surprises when you "check out" on the web page or get the final total due from the resevation agent on the phone/LI LIWhere do you want to stay? Which town? Corolla, Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills?nbsp; Do your research on these areas and don't hesitate to ask your reservation agent what they think is the best place for your group.nbsp; A lot of good info on the towns can be found on the rental company websites and on other websites devoted to the Outer Banks./LI LIDo you have to be on the oceanfront or will you consider oceanside or even the "other side" of the island--the sound side? It is very beautiful on this side of the Outer Banks and you get a lot of house for the money.nbsp; /LI LIIf you are bringing kids along, consider a community that offers a lot for them do including community pools, tennis and other activities. Several have playgrounds and offer weekly programs during the summer months. /LI LIIf you find a great rental company, consider sticking with them. If you love the house you are staying in, think about pre-reserving it for the following year. /LI LIIf you have specific needs, share those with your vacation specialist.nbsp; I know that we will go to the house if we don't know the answer to your questions. Examples are someone in a wheelchair needs to know the height of the lip on the doorway. Or, you have to be close to the Nags Head Pier or you are highly allergic to pet hair so you need a home that not only does not permit pets and be assured that the owners of that home do not have pets either.nbsp; Is the rental company willing to go the extra mile for you to get those answers? /LI LIPictures! Are there lots of them?nbsp;Ask if they are current.nbsp; If the house advertises a view, can you see it? /LI LIIs there level by level information available on the website that tells you which bedroom is where? That is important if you have little ones with you since you do not want them to be on the first floor and you on the third (most likely)/LI LIOnce you make your decision, read your lease carefully.nbsp; Ask any questions. Get your first payment in on time!nbsp; Very important./LI LIDiscounts.nbsp; Specials and so on. We, the rental company, do not set the rental rates; the owners do. We suggest to them what we feel they should charge but the decision is theirs. It is also their decision whether they want to offer a discount or not.nbsp; This is where it also pays to do your research/homework. Get on that website and see which homes have specials going on. /LI LISo you want to call in and ask for a discount...? That is fine. However, most likely the person on the phone will then have to transfer you to someone in thenbsp; office with a NC real estate license because unless they have anbsp;license they cannot negotiates rates with you. They may have to callnbsp; you back with an answer after the owner has been contacted.nbsp; /LI LIIf you can come to the beach in the early spring or summer or early fall, you will not only save money but you will be here when it is not as busy. /LI LIAsk your friends and family which company they have rented from and what their experience was like. Word of mouth is still the best advertisement there is. /LI LIDoes the owner of the home have a personal website? This is always nice because it gives you even more information and also provides a personal touch from them. /LI/UL PWhen all is said and done, every vacation has the potential to be perfect. You are on a beautiful island with your loved ones. No matter who you are renting from be assured they want you to have a stress free week. They want you to come back.nbsp; BRBRSo, take lots of pictures and enjoy.nbsp;nbsp; We hope to see you at the beach soonBRUntil Next TimeBRYour OBX Bloggers/P Pnbsp;/P Pnbsp;/P Pnbsp;/P Pnbsp;/P
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One Man's Trash is ... still Trash

Village Realty Blog - Thu, 04/23/2009 - 11:21
BREarth Day 2009 has come and gone but that does not mean that any of should forget what it stands for. So turn out those lights, cut back on the AC, use paper instead of plastic and recycle when you can.nbsp; BRBREvery year the Village Realty People pick up trash on Earth Day and then we have a cook out. Yesterday the weather was great when the pick up began but after an hour or so the wind kicked up and it was lightning. Then came the rain and even some hail!BRBRNags Head and Corolla are now much cleaner and we will continue to do our part to Go Green.nbsp; Thanks to everyone who picked up trash and also to the chefs who cooked us lunch. BRBRWe had decided to donate $5.00 for every reservation made on Earth Day and that means the Nags Head Wood Eco Preserve will get a check from us for $205.nbsp; BRBRFrom the Nature Conservancy Website:BRBR"FONT size=2STRONGNags Head Woods Ecological Preserve/STRONGBRDesignated as a National Natural Landmark in 1974, protecting the maritime forests of A href="http://www.nature.org/wherewework/northamerica/states/northcarolina/preserves/art5618.html"Nags Head Woods/A was one of the Conservancy’s first priorities in North Carolina. Now at more than 1,000 acres, the Preserve features trails through dunes, marshes and wetlands, as well as wonderful views of the sound—and of the development pressures facing the area. More than 50 bird species nest here and the marshes offer habitat for otter, muskrat and waterfowl. In fall, look for salamanders, screech owls and pileated woodpeckers."BRBRThe Village Realty Trash Brigades ... we always have funBRBRIMG src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/Trash_Pick_Up_20091.JPG"BR/FONTBRIMG src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/Trash_Pick_Up_2009_corolla21.JPG"BRBRIMG src="http://images.quickblogcast.com/41500-38006/earthday41.JPG"BRBRThanks for doing your part to save our planet.BRUntil Next TimeBRYour OBX Bloggers
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Outer Banks Vacation Rental Companies ... We are NOT the bad guys

Village Realty Blog - Wed, 04/22/2009 - 09:15

One of our jobs in the Web Services office is to read Message Boards pertaining to the Outer Banks.  There are two that seem to be the most popular and active:

OBX Connection   and OBX Bound

The OBX Connection site requires that you join in order to post a question or comment on the Message Board, OBX Bound does not. Both are free and both get a lot of traffic.   NC Beaches is another great site to get information about the Outer Banks and the entire NC coast.   They do not yet have a message board but they do allow reviews from anyone.  

Getting to my point, several people read these boards and we do respond to questions from posters if we know we can answer their questions. It could be anything from "What is Corolla Light Resort like" to recommending restaurants.  Many times people are asking about specific rental companies and want to know good and bad experiences others have had. Fair enough ... they are going to spend a lot of money on a vacation home and want some feedback.  Happy to help.

However,  anyone who works for a company, owns a business here, etc has to be careful because the rules are pretty strict. You can't actively and overtly promote your company ... cannot use the Message Boards to advertise in other words.

Sometimes the threads on a particular topic can get quite heated.  Recently I ran across one that was really slamming the vacation rental companies here on the OBX.  There were a lot of people spouting off how horrible "we" all were; that we do not care about guests, only want their money, terrible customer service and so on.

I watched and read the posts for several days as they got more and more hateful (and untrue) and I finally had to post my own response.

There are vacation rental companies here who do care about the guests. Many of them.  There are other companies besides Village Realty which I would have no problem recommending to friends or family (IF we did not have anything available of course!).  The owners have good reputations, are ethical and well respected.

One bad, or even horrible, experience does not mean that everyone who works in this business is out to get you or screw you over.
I am sure I can safely say that we (all the rental agencies) do want our guests to come back, want them to enjoy their time here and of course hope they refer us to others.   We all appreciate that you (the guests) have chosen to rent from our company and we want your time here to be as carefree and relaxing as possible.

We are not meeting every week to decide whose vacation we are going to ruin or which home we will sabotage. Honestly.  Nor do we know when the AC will decide to quit working or the refrigerator will go down.   Stuff happens. If the guests before you trashed the house then we will not be able to give you the keys before check in time.  If the carpets need to be cleaned, same thing.

Our website is as up to date as we can get it. If any guest has a specific question about a home that we do not know, we will try to get that answer for you.  Our reservation agents personally go to the homes in the off season to evaluate them and make personal notes.  Plus, we now allow online reviews and ratings of each home, by the people who stayed in them. Guests who have rented from us receive a link to an electronic survey and are asked to please fill  it out and submit it. We go through each one and unless there is profanity (have not seen that yet) or someone just goes on a rant (nope, have not had that happen yet either) then we post it live.

So please, if you reading some negative posts about the people here or the vacation rental industry as a whole --remember that the OBX locals love it  here and we are  happy to share our beautiful island with visitors.  Yes, we are competitors but we are also business associates and in many cases good friends. 

The owners of the homes are not the bad guys either. They are our partners in this venture and want the same thing we want; happy guests.  This is a business and of course we need to make money and the owners need to make money. There is the mortgage, the utilities, the insurance, the maintenance, refurbishing that the owners are responsible for. They depend on us to market their home, get it rented, take care of their (and our) guests and to clean and maintain their  homes.  Many owners have developed long term friendships with their guests and they exchange holiday cards, call each other and keep up with family events. That is always nice.  Some of our owners call their guests while here, send or leave them gifts and furnish their homes with the guests comfort in mind.  It is always nice to feel appreciated and know that you are welcome.

Do I think Village Realty is the best real estate company here? Yes, of course I do and I hope everyone at every other company feels the same way. 

Short and sweet ... we appreciate our guests and we want you to feel welcome and return to the Outer Banks many times.

Thanks for listening
Your OBX Blogger
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Earth Day and The "Green Village"

Village Realty Blog - Tue, 04/21/2009 - 10:35


Wednesday, April 22 is Earth Day.

From Wikipedia:

"Earth Day, celebrated April 22, is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. It is held annually during both spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in 1970 and is celebrated in many countries every year."

I always feel guilty because I know I am not doing all I could to "go green".  Yes, I turn off the water when I am brushing my teeth, I take short showers and I turn off the lights when no one is in the room. But I don't recycle at  home.

At work, it is another story.  We are full on Green.

  • Recycle soft drink cans
  • No paper brochure, all electronic
  • Leases are signed electronically online OR can be emailed to guests
  • We recycle office paper
  • Pick up trash on Earth Day
  • Turn off computers at night
  • Re use file folders
  • Combine trips to other offices
  • No paper confirmations sent (unless guest does not have email)
  • Email confirmations, payment receipts, etc are sent instead of snail mail
  • Cleaning products are eco friendly
  • Paper products in our office and our homes are recycled
  • We use glassware and dishes in our kitchen--not paper cups or plates

In honor of Earth Day tomorrow we are donating $5.00 for any reservation that is made on that day, whether by phone or online. Our donation will go to the Nature Conservancy to benefit the Nags Head Woods Ecological Preserve. 

So if you are thinking about booking a home this week, why not do it Wednesday and do your part to help Save the Earth.

Thanks for reading.
Until Next Time
Your OBX Blogger

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Hold It ... Really

Village Realty Blog - Wed, 04/15/2009 - 09:01
Once again we have used our powers for good ... we now let guests Hold a vacation home they find online.  The hold is for 24 hours and gives them time to contact cousin Joey and Aunt Harriet to make sure everyone is still coming to the beach, show them the house  (using our online brochure or by sending them a link to the house using EMail a Friend) and get the "Who Pays What" details worked out.

FYI we do allow holds for guests who phone in too ... same rules apply. "Hold It" seems to be very popular ... from the stats I have seen on this.  

We still call each guest who books online to go over any questions they may have and make sure they understand when their first rental payment is due, when the balance is due and so on.

Our powers are working overtime lately because we also have two new applications that will benefit guests who have already made their reservacations.

Guest Web allows a guest to (a) see their lease and all terms of the agreement on line, anytime (b) make a payment online, anytime (c) check their balance due (d) contact us in a secure manner (you know, like the banks do .... they never email you to give you the information ... they email you to ask you to log into your account and then you check your emails there).  Guests can either enter their credit card information ... again, all secure ....or print out a coupon to send in with their check. Or or course, they can still call us. Since the lease is accepted either at time of booking online or when a guest goes to the GuestWeb site ... we are also saving paper!  Village has been "going green" for some time now and this is just one  more step. And last but not least, this is guest friendly and also saves our staff a lot of time.

RezMail Pro has automated our email contact with guests, giving us more time to answer phone calls, questions and concerns and provide better customer service.   Guests will get an email when they book a home (whether onine or by phone, etc), when payments are due and five days before they check in. That email gives them directions and information they will need once they get here.

Then, emails go out to our guests after they leave thanking them for staying with us and asking them to complete an online survey. Finally, six months later the final email goes out asking them to come back!

More "greening" of our reservation processes. Emails instead of mail (although we do call or snail mail guests who do not use email) saves time and paper and emails are more likely to get read quickly as opposed to mail that you throw on the counter and open later.

More good stuff on the way.

Hope you are having a good week and making plans to visit the OBX soon.

Until Next Time
Your OBX Blogger

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